Papini's History

The Papini family have been in the business, and on the same premises since 1896, when they opened a store cum workshop. After one century everything is changed in the world, but Papini's quality is unchanged.

The Gold Medals received at the 1910 and 1932 London International Fairs, and at the 1939 New York World Fair plus all the ones received at the Florence Artisans Fairs demonstrate the high quality of the merchandise produced.

The four generations of the family still produce their own leather goods, with the very exclusive products, as for example the world famous solid leather items, some of which are here illustrated.

In 1985 the Florence's Mayor included our store among the city's "historic" stores, an honor received by 75 of the best and most famous stores in Florence.

Papini's Store. Everything from ceiling to cabinets, is under the Mayor's protection, being considered for look and quality an historic store.

PAPINI Leather Goods Manufacturer
Lungarno Archibusieri, 10/12r
50122 Firenze ITALY
Phone and Fax +39-055-287.879

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