Picture frames, beautifully calfskin covered, gold tooled. Colours: tan, brown, burgundy, green, blue, black. Call for single item's price.

SL49 Picture frame 8"x10"
SL50 Picture frame 5"x7"
SL51 Picture frame 4"x6"

Mr.President there is a present for You!

In the 30s somebody told to Ettore Papini (grand-grand-father) that he looked like Mr. Roosvelt. So pleased Ettore was that he decided to send, to President Roosvelt, a special solid
leather box crafted by his own hands. Since then every new elected American President has received this box that You can admire. It is made fully in leather (like all the boxes of this web, tooled and polished by hand, with the presidential seal on top). Measuring 8"x10". Same box can be ordered by You, without the seal of course. SLL132/C plain or tooled. Call for price